AWIC Community and Social Services provides settlement and employment services as well as training & volunteer opportunities for newcomers to Canada. Our goal is to provide them the tools to integrate and participate in Canadian society while maintaining their ethnic heritage. We are a non-profit, non-political, secular, multi-lingual, multi-cultural organization that has been assisting newcomers for over 35 years.Goals and Objectives:

  1. To promote mutual and inter-cultural understanding among newcomers and their families by establishing mutual support groups.
  2. To provide a public forum for exchange of ideas, information and support among women.
  3. To develop employment training and educational programmes to meet the needs of immigrants and their families.
  4. To provide support services to the aged, ill or disabled and needy women.
  5. To promote health education among women and their families through seminars, conferences and counseling, and educate them on prevention of and curative measures for health problems.
  6. To assist women affected by spousal abuse through counseling and help them to become more independent.
  7. To provide education, counselling and other support services for needy women immigrants and refugees in Canada by offering programmes in individual development, social integration, language instruction, translation services and information programmes on Canadian culture and life.
  8. To develop and provide programmes promoting performances of an artistic nature in public functions and community centres, and also provide seminars on topics relating to artistic performances.

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