Mission and Mandate

AWIC Community & Social Services is committed to empowering people from all walks of lives, and from all cultural or language backgrounds through its well designed and innovatively delivered programs and services.

Respect for Individuals: We respect all individuals irrespective of their culture, language, and gender and provide the same level of service to all of them.

We commit to conduct ourselves with respect towards everyone and to provide a constructive and affirmative environment to our clients.

We hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability. We strive to excel in providing professional and unprejudiced service to our community with honesty and sincerity.

To assist people from multi-cultural backgrounds to successfully integrate into Canadian life while preserving their cultural heritage.
To provide career counselling and employment support to newcomers to Canada to help them integrate quicker to the Canadian workforce.
To enable seniors to lead a meaningful life through health and wellness programs and through computer literacy classes.