Seniors Programs


Everyone aspires to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Through our weekly yoga classes, instructed by Anuradha Punja, AWIC helps people reach a step closer to achieving this goal.

These classes in yoga focus on Pranayams (breathing techniques) to rid the body of toxins and maintain health, paired with Asanas (postures) to keep the body strong and agile. It is perfect for seniors and anyone else who is interested in living a healthy lifestyle.

Seniors drop-in

Every Friday between 11 AM – 3 PM, AWIC invites all seniors to come, use our facility to mingle, chat, play some cards, make new friends or just relax in a friendly and welcoming environment.


Immigrant Senior’s Sharing Stories
South Asian seniors shared their pre and post immigration to Canada stories on video, which has been captured in the form of interviews. These stories provided the youth and other newcomers an opportunity to learn from the experiences of our senior’s and also a different perspective and take on Canadian life. The video is now shown at AWIC’s various newcomer settlement and employment workshops.

South Asian Heritage Calendar Project

AWIC’s has always been able to expand on its programs being offered to seniors, with the introduction of the South Asian Heritage Calendar Project. This exciting new program offered a chance for seniors to update their computer skills and also create Indian art! An art instructor was leading the class in creating Indian heritage art, such as rangoli and painting. The other aspect of this project included youth being paired up with seniors to upgrade their computer skills as well as learned how to use a graphics design program.